• 7 lives (Globomedia. Tele 5)
    (Series awarded the ONDAS PRIZE for best script)
  • Maxi's Taxi (Sport and news. RTPA)
  • Stopping in Villalpando (RTPA)
  • Shout (Asturian Regional Television)
    (Short film directed by Carlos Navarro for the Principality's Program Production Company)
  • The Alternating Current (TV 5)
    (Corrosive sketches for a zapping program and criticism of the world of TV)
  • Ways to survive
    (Telespán. Tele 5)
  • Goose-flesh (Poster / Last Pass)
    (Feature film directed by Javier Maqua)
  • What the eye does not see (The mechanical apple PC/ Canal +)
    (Short film directed by Jose Braña awarded in more than twenty festivals)
  • Writer by Carlos Navarro (Médula Productions)

  • Script of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 33rd edition of the Gijón International Film Festival
    (In collaboration with Boni Pérez. Presented by Marta Reyero and Hugo de Campos)
  • The briefcase swing
    (Script of theatrical actions for the first Black Week, International Meeting of Detective Novel Writers)
  • Who is the leader?
    (Script of comic sketches for the company makeateam within your project “training scenarios”)
  • Script of the Opening Gala of the 36th edition of the Gijón International Film Festival)
    (Presented by Boris Izaguirre)
  •  Script and performance at the “Asturias Excellent” Gala
    (Oviedo Philharmonic Theatre, broadcast for Autonomous Television of the Principality (TPA) (April, 2007)
  •  Script of the International Women's Day Gala held at the Teatro Laboral Escena
    (City of Culture) and broadcast by the Autonomous Television of the Principality (TPA – March, 2008 – Presented by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo)