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You have heard it many times: “Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you will be right.” You decide, that's how it is. It is not easy to change your attitude. Laziness, resistance, mistrust... You are tired of being offered activities to learn to overcome shyness and express yourself in public with solvency. For whatever reason, you have already decided that it is not worth trying, that you are the way you are and so, well, you are doing fine. In fact, you think that in your work environment knowing how to communicate is not so important. Let the others get their act together. It's my way of being, it's my way of speaking, it's my way of relating, that's it. If you don't understand me, the problem will be yours. However, there you are still: shaking when you have to speak in front of a group of people, sweating excessively, without looking up, short of breath... I go, I tell it and it's over.

It depends on you. To be honest, all that talk of motivational theory for executives also bothers me. But, day by day, I see in my workshops the liberation that comes with losing fear and I want to share it with you. That fear that grips you and makes all your knowledge turn into clumsy babbling. It's worth a try, believe me. It's not asking why, it's asking why not. Dare to look positively. There are no recipes, of course, nothing works for everyone because everyone is different. Life is wonderful if you are not afraid of it. And if you play, have fun, and manage to have a great time with your body expression, if you manage to shine your expressive device, modulate your voice, rely on your own breathing, you will discover that - veiled and self-conscious - there is an artist within you. Yes, a sleepy performer, who is worth rescuing. Playing, flowing, without trauma... Dramatic art professionals help to de-dramatize. It's not a play on words, I assure you, it's a comic perspective - a basis in my workshops - that helps you put everything into perspective, to put your fears to rest, to not be ashamed, to not blush. I have seen managers get up on stage tense and blocked and then not want to get down from there. The power of theater. The click. To hell with fears!

You decide, yes. It depends on you.

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Communication workshops for companies

  • This workshop is designed for senior managers, management committees and middle managers.
  • Without self-confidence and communication skills our work runs the risk of becoming real frustration.
  • Through humor we will lose the inappropriate sense of ridicule that so often grips us in the workplace and we will bring to light the actor that we all have inside.
  • Effective communication tools based on theatrical and interpretation techniques will be provided.
  • We will discover surprising resources to not let ourselves be invaded, in front of an audience, manage nervousness and be tremendously convincing in every situation.

Dramatic expression for teachers

  • This workshop is aimed at teaching professionals.

    We work practically on the introduction of theater at the school level, focusing on the discovery of a series of pedagogical resources to address theater and dramatic expression in the classroom. Throughout the sessions we will look for:

    • Develop body coordination and expressive powers.
    • Develop different creative abilities based on dramatic play and improvisation.
    • Knowledge of theatrical techniques and their application within the various areas of the curriculum.

Writing and interpretation workshop

  • This workshop is designed for actors, writers and anyone who wants to know the ins and outs between interpretation and textual material.
  • We will seek knowledge and analysis of dramaturgical and film and television writing techniques.
  • The different elements that make up a theatrical, television and cinematographic piece will be analyzed.
  • We will develop different creative abilities based on dramatic play and improvisation.
  • The student will become aware of the essential elements to correctly interpret each of the expressive means.