Communication workshops for companies


Without self-confidence and communication skills our work runs the risk of becoming real frustration.

Through humor we will lose the inappropriate sense of ridicule that so often grips us in the workplace and we will bring to light the actor that we all have inside.

Effective communication tools based on theatrical and interpretation techniques will be provided.

We will discover surprising resources to not let ourselves be invaded, in front of an audience, manage nervousness and be tremendously convincing in every situation.

A manager can be very competent and lose his credibility because he is not able to communicate.



Relaxation and breathing techniques to overcome nervousness, loosen body tensions and concentrate better.

Awareness and perception games.

Theater techniques to work on verbal and non-verbal communication.

Body expression: Movement, rhythm, spatial relationship.

Techniques for public intervention.

The masks, the roles...

The “Commedia dell' Arte” as inspiration to comically analyze the business world.

Improvisation: Personal experiences.

Improving our communication skills implies added value that directly benefits our company.



The sessions have an eminently practical nature.

We will work with masks, costume elements and some costumes.

The number of hours and their distribution will be agreed based on the needs of the group.