Theater Actor

In Spain

  • Long wait by Juan Antonio Concrete
    (María Guerrero Theater, ADE 2000 awards ceremony)
  • Arsenic please directed by Gonzálo Suarez
    (Teatro La Latina, 2003 and national tour.
  • Implication of the heart or the mockery of D. Pantalón
    (First Prize in the Regional Theater Competition, 1983)
  • Comedy called Armelina by Lope de Rueda
    (Selected for the Interautonomic phase of the National Classical Theater Meeting. Orense, 1984)
  • Waves by Maxi Rodríguez
    (National “Espiga de Oro” Award from Guadalajara, 1985 and representative work of the Principality of Asturias in the final phase of the Youth Meeting of Contemporary Theater in Badajoz, 1986)
  • Papajei
    (Collective street show)
  • Hey, hey, hey by Maxi Rodríguez
  • In high sea by S. Mrozek
  • The Guest by M. Mediero
  • Charlotte Corday by Etelvino Vázquez
    (Show premiered at the Ciudad Real International Festival and participant in the Asturian Theater Exhibition in Madrid)
  • Mine Coitus or the BUP epic by Maxi Rodríguez. Borne Award Director: E. Vázquez.
    (Show premiered at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo within the New Young Spanish Theater Exhibition, 1988)
  • Hallucinate, Colombina by Maxi Rodríguez.
    (Commedia dell'Arte children's work represented for more than three years by towns and villages of the Principality in campaigns such as “Asturias cultural”, “Theatrical days” and “Asturias in spring”)

In Italy

  • Ciao, trip
    (Prato, Florence, 1987)
  • Seratta Finale
    (Reggio Emilia,1988)