The fun pyramid treasure
“Literato”, the comedy by Carlos Navarro and Maxi Rodríguez is a round portrait of current Asturias
Nicholas Ray
A woman in the audience made a surprising clarification on Thursday, at the discussion that took place after the premiere in Oviedo of “Literato”, the film directed by Carlos Navarro with a script by Maxi Rodríguez, who also stars in it. The spectator confessed that she had been excited by this comedy (or rather, tragicomedy) that tells of the return to a decrepit neighborhood of Les Cuenques of a fifty-year-old actor, who had failed in Madrid in the work of the stage and of love. The film, he acknowledged, was very funny and perfectly portrayed the social situation in Asturias, especially in the councils that were miners. That is precisely why, he added, he was not going to recommend her to any of his friends and acquaintances.
Such a contradictory comment tells us two things. One: the path of fiction and comedy is often the most effective to put ourselves in front of the mirror and open our eyes to the harsh reality that we sweep under the emotional rug. Two: telling what there is begins to be subversive and embarrassing. Perhaps because, like the protagonist of “Literato”, each Asturian hears his own voice-over in his head and what is heard in Asturias there is a foreign script, written by the hand of a tourist, which repeats the paradisiacal noise of the happy Fartonia, Prado museum-region created by an artificial intelligence specialized in wallpapers for cute travelers. No. As it is said in “Literato”, there are many towns here where the only way to make a living is to go to a funeral. And luckily there are almost daily. It is the conversion of the well to the niche. Here's what's behind the cachopero's colorful holiday trompe l'oeil.
Therefore, recommend “Literato” to your friends and acquaintances. They will enjoy a comedy of laughing in each scene, but also thinking about what the hell you are laughing at, with how screwed we are without guajes or kids and full of old people. A film made in twelve days, with limited resources, but with the gear and tempo of classic comedies in which neither excess nor lack, where each thing has two or three meanings and are light because they have a lot of weight. A great movie with a cast where even the extras shine (oh, those bingo ladies). But go see “Literato” above all because you will see yourselves, all of us, Asturias 2023 and what awaits us. And while they share things that would not be funny – that is genuine humor – they will wake up and once again realize the dangerous balance we are making on this radically inverted demographic pyramid. The fun pyramid that is “Literato” tells us about all that.